1. Types and scope of articles:

Acta HealthMedica is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original articles, reviews (traditional reviews and systematic reviews), meta analyses, case reports and other common types of articles related to all areas of basic and clinical medical sciences and all disciplines of health sciences. Editorials, letters to the editor, opinions, and other short articles also are welcomed. Topics of interest include all subjects that relate to the practice of medicine and the betterment of public health worldwide.

2. Research ethics and publication ethics:

Acta HealthMedica subscribes to the principles of, the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Acta HealthMedica has zero tolerance for academic misconduct, including "Duplicate Publication," "Salami Publication," and "Plagiarism." All manuscripts are investigated thoroughly regarding any potential unethical conduct. All submissions will be checked for plagiarism using iThenticate.

3. Manuscript preparation: 

3.1. The "Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts (URM) Submitted to Biomedical Journals" is incorporated into our review and publication process. Please visit for more details. You are encouraged to prepare the reference section of the manuscript using the standard introduced by URM.

3.2. Format of original articles:

Manuscripts must consist of the Title, Abstract (250 words or less for original articles, 200 words or less for reviews, and 150 words or less for case reports), three to five Keywords and the body of manuscript without any information regarding the names of the authors. Abstracts are not required for Letters to the Editor or Editorials. 

3.3. References:

References should be written in compliance with the ‘Citing Medicine, 2nd edition: The NLM Style Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers’ published by National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health (Aailable from: ). Some authors do not use correct abbreviations for journals. Please use the abbreviations of the titles of journals in the reference section. For more information, visit the ISSN website at and the National Library of Medicine at (Look at the appendix section of that page for abbreviation of journals) for further details. The correct abbreviations for journals also can be found at the journals’ websites. Please add Pubmed PMID (or Pubmed central PMCID) of articles (if the references appear in Pubmed), and add the digital object identifier (DOI) or the URL (in the DOI system) if the reference has a DOI. Visit the following link to search the PMIDs and DOIs of articles: (This link provides doi for those journal articles that use CrossRef doi service, therefore there are many articles with DOI, but not available on Crossref).

4. Review process:

All manuscripts must undergo review. The expected time between submission of the manuscript and receiving the first round of review results varies depending on the availability of reviewers and other issues, but, in general, authors can expect to have the initial result within 4-6 weeks. If the authors choose the fast track option (fast review + publication), they will receive the initial result within "Two" weeks.

5. Language of Journal Articles:

5.1. English editing:

The manuscripts submitted to Acta HealthMedica should be written in English. Our native English editors will perform advanced English editing on accepted manuscripts free of charge. When we say that advanced English editing is free, we mean that the editing itself is free, but there will be minimal tax and handling fees. The authors are free to choose any other native English editing service. We prefer the following English editing companies:

Mehr Publishing:

American Journal Experts:


6. Conflict of Interest (COI):

All submissions must be accompanied by a completed Conflict of Interest (COI) form. 

7. Publication fee:

We should clarify that our journal is free for both authors and readers; this clearly means that there is no publication fee, no authors fee, and no subscription fee. If the authors choose the fast track option (fast review + publication), they are required to pay 100$.

8. Expected time required for the peer-review process:

The authors can expect to receive the first round of journal's comments and the initial result of their submissions within 4-6 weeks. If the authors choose the fast track option (fast review + publication), they will receive the initial result within "Two" weeks.